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Remounting your diamonds is a great way to preserve those precious stones for life. Have a ring that's been passed down to you from your grandmother? Give it a modern touch while retaining its traditional look with our expert diamond remounting service in Wilkes Barre.


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Whenever you bring your diamonds to us for remounting, our expert staff removes the stone from its setting in your presence.


We'll also give you pertinent information about your diamond, such as its clarity, color, and weight. This way you know your gems are in trusted hands.

Get FREE lifetime cleaning and rhodium service on all rings purchased at Van Scoy Diamond Mine!

All work on your stone will be done on the premises. Any diamond or setting you leave behind will be safely kept in

a vault in our fully secure building.


Our staff has been carrying out this process for over 30 years now, and our reputation for quality service is well known throughout the area.

Need your diamonds mounted on a ring immediately? We'll do it for you within an hour in most cases.  We have hundreds of mounts in stock for you to choose from!

Re-Purpose Your Old Diamond for a New Look

Your Diamonds are in Good Hands

We'll Keep Your Diamonds Safe and Protected

Live Mounting Done Within an Hour

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