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The Van Scoy Quality

The Van Scoys have a passion for diamonds – that’s why diamonds are all they do. It has made them the jewelry store that other jewelers buy from.

Van Scoy Diamond Mine purchases all of their diamonds in large volume, therefore passing the savings onto you. By hand selecting every diamond, Van Scoy makes sure you get the BEST diamond for the BEST price!

Best Time to Buy?

Van Scoy Diamond Mine offers you the best price every day! They buy direct from the diamond cutter for the lowest price and highest quality, therefore passing on the savings to you! No need to wait for a sale! The Van Scoy family buys right so they can sell right! This gives you the comfort and confidence to buy anytime of the year. With your purchase, you will receive a free written appraisal of your diamond, so that you can be assured that your Van Scoy diamond was the right choice!

Why is the quality of the mount important?

Below are examples of poor workmanship!

When a prong is this thin, it will catch, bend and eventually break off, possibly resulting in the loss of the stone. Extended normal wear or errors in workmanship will cause the prongs to thin at the top.

Diamond is set crooked.

There are visible gaps and the bearing is unevenly cut – a sign of errors in workmanship.

Too much metal was left at the top of the prong. The ring is sharp and uncomfortable to wear.

You'll be a customer for life.

The Van Scoy Diamond Mine is now serving 4th generation customers.

This is their passion, so only the best will do!